Intra-gastric Balloon Surgery

This method is an alternative for people with overweight and moderate obesity. It consists of a balloon that is placed inside the stomach through the patient’s mouth, with the use of endoscopy and sedation. This balloon is inflated with liquid and is left inside the stomach, hence producing a sensation of fullnes and contributing to reduce the hunger feeling. This method must be followed with a strict and careful diet, as well as necessary life habit changes, in order to achieve notable weight losses. The balloon can be left inside the stomach for as long as six months, and does not need hospitalization for the procedure.

When the gastric balloon is placed, the patient must have a close follow up with the nutritionist to gain changes in their eating habits that will allow weight reduction and maintenance of the new weight. The principal inconvenient of this method is the great variability in the results (some patients will have small decreases in their overweight while others may loose up to 15 - 20 kg). Nobody in the world uses this technique as definitive treatment for morbid obesity since its use is temporary (6 months maximum), and this time period would not be enough to produce changes in weight of someone with this type of obesity. It can be used in selected cases of patients with extreme obesity to produce the initial reduction and obtain healthier conditions for a future bariatric surgery.

Benefits of Bariatric Surgery

If you suffer from obesity, these are the benefits that can be achieved through bariatric surgery, and commitment to weight loss:

- Loss of 70% or more of the excess body weight. This loss usually occurs during the first 18 months following surgery.

- Improvement of conditions associated with obesity, including type II diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea and joint problems, among others.

- Eliminate discomfort and body aches which contribute to facilitate mobility

- Improved ability to do physical activity

- Provides a new look that increases self-esteem .

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Dr. José Pablo

Obesity Clinic Chief Surgeon, specialized in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery and Gastrointestinal Endoscopy. Dr. Velez has more than 10 years of experience in laparoscopic bariatric surgery, he is a pioneer in Colombia in this kind of procedures.

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