Testimonies After Bariatric Surgery

Adriana Sanchez

My name is Adriana Sánchez Molina, and I am a 42 year old woman. I am a business administrator and Preschool teacher. My life during 20 years with a weight of 183.5 kg was very difficult. With this great overweight, severe knee arthrosis that forced me to use a cane, severe high blood pressure, psychological stress for being constantly made fun of and of listening to disgusting comments by people I met, plus not being able to find adequate sizes for my clothing, braking chairs and beds at my friends´ houses, not fitting in airplane seats, movie theater seats, restaurant chairs, and having greater difficulty to do my daily activities as a teacher. On November 13 of 2003 I had a bariatric surgery, a decision that has turned my life 180º. Thanks to God, the obesity clinic at Fundación Valle del Lili, successfully lead by Dr José Pablo Vélez, I now weigh 82 kg and have a new life, full of happiness, better health, and great changes. I no longer use a can to walk. I have my knees back. I go to public places with no inconvenience. I can use stylish and juvenile clothing. I dance, travel, and easily practice my job with skill. I am completely happy. I now ask myself why it took me so long to take this important decision. It is not a magical process. It requires discipline. It has some risks like everything, but it has been worthwhile. I now eat almost everything except for sweets. I am no longer worried about gaining weight; and the most important thing, I feel like a completely normal and happy human being.

Beatriz Esquivel

To all obese people, I can tell you that bariatric surgery is the best tool to lose weight. It changes our entire lives, physically, psychologically and emotionally. It is like being born again, recovering our health and self esteem. It means feeling satisfied with our image (useful, healthy, younger and even in style). We are able to feel free of that jail that was our body. If you want to contact me, please do so at: lauritaguzmanlulu@hotmail.com, or mobile phone (57) 311 315 1867, phone number (57) 2 680 0326.

Carolina Mejia

Ten months ago I was 27 years old and weighed 103 kg, and made the most important decision of my life: totally eliminate my obesity problem by having a laparoscopic gastric bypass. I looked for Dr José Pablo Velez, whom with his great knowledge about obesity and laparoscopic surgery, understood my situation and offered me an alternative to lose 40 kg. This overweight was becoming a terminal illness for me. Learning that he was part of the physician team at Fundación Valle del Lili gave me more tranquility Today, eleven months after my surgery, I am sure it has been the best decision I have taken in my entire life. With 38 kg less and all my medical labs in order, I am aware that the obesity clinic at Fundación Valle del Lili offers the most complete program for the patient that undergoes a bariatric surgery: psychological support, an excellent group of dietitians, the perfectionism of the anesthesiologists and the total dedication of Dr Velez and his obesity group. If I had to make this resolution again I would never doubt it and would search for his support once more. They are still supplying me with tranquility and support, just like they have been doing before, during and after the procedure.

Diego Posada

I want to express my personal testimony about the radical change in my life after the day I was taken to surgery by Dr José Pablo Vélez Today, nine months after, and having lost 56 kg (I now weigh 69 kg), I can say that I have another life. I was born again. I see life from a different perspective. I go everywhere with my family, my wife and my kids. I did some research before deciding where to have my surgery done. One by one I studied every hospital and surgeon, and I am convinced I took the best choice. The peri-operative evaluation and post-operative care at Fundación Valle del Lili with Dr Velez and the group of physicians involved has been flawless and full of professionalism. Nine months have gone by and I have never felt any pain nor have seen me drawn back in my feeding. I had lost 50 kg by the end of the sixth month, with a normal diet: I have a normal intake of all types of food, and have the weight any other person should have. With my testimony, I would like to give all my support to those people who have thought about having a bariatric surgical procedure. Mental and physical health transform your personal life, and the support given by this group of very professional physicians give total serenity to anyone that might decide to undergo this surgery. If any one wants to contact me, my email is: diepos@telesat.com.co. My phone numbers in Cali are: (572) 661 4043 - (572) 683 8546 and my mobile phone (57) 300 617 1567. a.I was operated when I had a weight of approximately 125 kg and chose to have it done when the depression, distress and suffering overwhelmed me. There was a moment in my life when I didn’t want to do anything, I was doing bad at work, and obviously my emotional and family lives where also being affected.

Edna Torres

I am Edna Torres, and almost one year ago had a laparoscopic gastric bypass. My life has changed completely. I have lost 40 kg and my health is better each day. I thank God and my family for their support and blessing. I hope the best for Dr Jose Pablo and his team. They made a new woman of me.If you want to speak to me anout my experience with gastric bypass, write to me at: ednam06@hotmail.com.

Erika Reina

This surgery definitely gave me the opportunity to live again. When people talk about this change, they never really get to imagine all that can happen, but everything is positive. The people who attend you are sweet, caring and above all the course is calm and confident. Daily, I pray for blessings for doctors and for those who had to deal with my process. Life is beautiful!

Juan Diego Valencia

I want to share with you my life experience.It is very exciting for me to remember the day I made the best decision in my life for the different health problems caused by my morbid obesity. It was not easy being an obese person. With no conscience of adequate food intake, it was very difficult to lose weight. The only answer to multiple unsuccessful diet trials plus health problems was a bariatric surgery, with good results in the short, medium and long terms.When I reached 341 lbs (155 kg) and realized that my health was in danger due to problems like hypertension, shortness of breath, respiratory disorders, back and knee pain, I started doing some research on bariatric surgery. (Misinformation and fright slows down resolutions). After reading during several weeks and asking other already operated patients, I decided to consult Dr José Pablo Vélez. Taking a look at my deteriorated health, and knowing I was with an experienced surgeon with the adequate knowledge and training, I decided I should have a radical change in my life. I was afraid to confront this new life and the surgery itself. Any surgical intervention implies risks, but counting with a group of excellent trained professionals in the obesity clinic with high experience lead to my successful operation, free of complications, with excellent results. Eighteen months later, I have lost 121 lbs (55 kg) and I have a different life. I have a normal food diet, and have learned to be more selective with what I eat. Following the nutritionist’s and Dr Vélez’s recommendations has made the adaptation process to eating small portions free of collateral effects. All my health problems have disappeared, and I am now a more active and happier person, If any one wishes to contact me, please do so at juandiegov@uniweb.net.co or at my mobile phone (57) 300 540 0198. Only an obese person who has lived through the same things you are living right now will be able to understand you! … Try it! The only thing I regret in this moment, after the gastric bypass, is having waited so long with my obesity problem and not making the decision earlier because of misinformation and fear.

Juan Pablo Peláez

I am 38 years old, and until nine months ago I suffered from morbid obesity with a weight of 140 kg and a Body Mass Index of 46%. I tried multiple diets and methods for weight reduction with no success. A friend of mine from my university years told me about the obesity clinic at Fundación Valle del Lili, and decided to consult. I did some research about the surgery. I studied it, and 10 months later I was taken to surgery. I have lost 50 kg. My life style has changed and I feel very good. I have no regrets and with no doubt will suggest this method to people and patients with obesity. Juan Pablo Peláez Velasco

Benefits of Bariatric Surgery

If you suffer from obesity, these are the benefits that can be achieved through bariatric surgery, and commitment to weight loss:

- Loss of 70% or more of the excess body weight. This loss usually occurs during the first 18 months following surgery.

- Improvement of conditions associated with obesity, including type II diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea and joint problems, among others.

- Eliminate discomfort and body aches which contribute to facilitate mobility

- Improved ability to do physical activity

- Provides a new look that increases self-esteem .

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Dr. José Pablo

Obesity Clinic Chief Surgeon, specialized in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery and Gastrointestinal Endoscopy. Dr. Velez has more than 10 years of experience in laparoscopic bariatric surgery, he is a pioneer in Colombia in this kind of procedures.

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